Home Buyers Resource Center

As the expert I have compiled a list of articles to help you in preparing to buy, searching for, and moving into your dream home. If you have specific questions or want to talk to a professional please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be sure to help you with all your real estate needs and questions. 

Home Buyers Information

Help For Home Buyers
Buying a home often presents some rather unique challenges. contact me and I will make the process as stress-free as possible.

First Time Home Buyers 

Buying your first home is a memory you will keep forever, make it a good one, contact me and I will help you take this big step.

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers 

Ditching the land lord and taking the leap into the realm of home ownership? This article will help you prepare for buying your first home.

Answers to Common Buyers Questions 

I want to buy a home. Where do I start? This article will give you all the information you need to start your home buying process and answers the most common questions that buyers ask.

Protect Your Biggest Purchase 

The amount of time, effort and energy spent into selling or buying a home can be extensive and if you do it by yourself, and not with the assistance of a REALTOR®, you may run into the risk of losing money and getting a less-than- favorable deal. Visit this page to view more.

What To Offer 

Many factors come into play in the initial offer.  Too low of an initial offer could insult the Seller and cause them to be unwilling to negotiate at all. 

Home Inspections 

Its important to hire a knowledgeable, licensed independent home inspector for advice on the overall condition of the property.

Home Warranty 

A home warranty is an affordable way to cover the costs of unexpected mechanical failure of a major system or appliance. A home warranty is specifically designed to cover the kinds of repairs that homeowners insurance does not: appliances, plumbing and electrical, air conditioning & furnaces and pool equipment. 

Homeowners Insurance 

When buying a home, one word you will hear often is insurance. Insurance is the type of service you buy hoping that you will never have to use it. Find more helpful homeowners insurance information by visiting this page.

Title Insurance 

Generally, there are two forms of title insurance. Learn more about title insurance so you can make an informed decision by visiting this page.